In the praise of Nothing


In the praise of Nothing
Author S.S.
Century 17AD
Year 1653
Collection Paradoxes and Encomions
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Paradox III

In the praise of Nothing.

How do they err (beshrew their Bums)

That say of nothing, nothing comes?

Pardon ye grave Goat bearderd Sages,

The glorie of your several Ages: 4

I will untwist your strong decree,

And out of nothing, nothing free.

Nothing can walk though wanting thies,

Nothing each fancy can surprise. 8

Nothing is higher then the sphears,

Nothing hears well if it want ears.

Nothing with God we may compare,

For wisdom, and prudential care. 12

By nothing frank and free expence,

W’injoy each rearest excellence;

For out of nothing the Creator

Contriv’d this massey, vast Theator: 16

Nothing can sooner swage our smart,

Then Physicks imitating Art;

He that is liver-sick of Love,

And fain would some love potion prove: 20

Of this he may himself assure,

That nothing can his feaver cure,

Nothing doth pearl, and gold excel,

Nothing with Heaven finds parallel: 24

Nothing’s more pleasant then the light,

And nothing more allures the sight

Then a fair Garden in the Spring,

Nothing is ever flourishing, 28

Nothing can thwart a Womans wil;

Nothing can daunt a Poets Quil.

Nothing can tramp the hand of Fate,

Nothing a barren womb can fate: 32

Nothing can do both ill, and wel

At once; high Heaven, and wide mouth’d

Nothing at one time can be in,

Nothing can boast it knows no sin, 36

Perhaps Beasts sin not, wretched we,

In nothing pure, or perfect be:

Nothing without a voice can sing

And fly both without feer and wing: 40

Nothing to know, how many seek,

And Boyes learn nothing all the week.

Nothing is ruder then our times:

Nothing more mighty then our crimes. 44

Nothing can sheath the sword of war:

Nothing can stint our Belgick jar.

Nothing without a substance bears:

Nothing is more cheap then Weomens tears. 48

Then spotlesse virtue nothings better.

Nothing then mighty Jove is greater.

Nothing can salve a Virgins flaw,

Nothing’s above the reach of Law. 52

Nothing’s of greater strength then coin,

Nothing dissever’d heartd can joyn.

Nothing’s more high then Homers wit,

Nothing on vacant ayre can fit. 56

Nothing can tame the Peoples rage,

When once in mischief they ingage.

Nothing to Pallas is unknown,

(though she the height of knowledge own.) 60

Nothing can envious tongues confine:

Nothing’s more salt then Neptunes brine.

And since we nothing thus do praise,

To nothing we wil Altars raise. 64

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